Company Profile

Semi Pitch - E-COMMERCE

Jetsoeye Limited

Kent Cheng | Founder


Jetsoeye is the first-ever OnO (Online & Offline) coupon posting platform for merchants. Entirely digitalized, merchants can deliver last mile decisions and post coupons in an online-to-offline manner on the Jetsoeye platform for the public to download. Alternatively, customers can also scan QR codes in offline-to-online perspectives and discover discounts inside shops which are to be redeemable upon their next visit to help increase chances of revisiting. We hope to become the ultimate coupon platform people would come first in mind to look for discounts, and where merchants would resort to advertise when wanting to grow their businesses. By the time Jetsoeye becomes increasingly popular, the aim to expand across industries like retail, beauty & care and educational businesses would value a market.