Company Profile


Semi Pitch - SMART CITY

Farm66 Investment limited

Tam Chi Ho | Founder

Chau Tak Hung | Founder

Lam Chi Yeung | Founder


The world has been facing a global food crisis: growing population, adverse weather, contamination, pollution, pesticide overuse, farmland degradation, abuse of food additives…etc. Farm 66’s vision is to make the world healthier by providing people with clean, natural, tasty and fresh food using sustainable technologies. Since 2013, we have developed many in-house technologies, for example, patented “multi-layer vertical planting structure”, “soilless hydroponics farming techniques”, “indoor aquaponics farming eco-system”, “energy-efficient LED wavelength farming”, “cloud-based farming parameters monitoring” to grow quality vegetables efficiently maximizing a given indoor space. Farm66 has been awarded HKIA in 2015 & 2016. Our products have been market-tested by supplying a few premium retail outlets for over three years. We are now looking for expansion vertically and horizontally.